Tulips.com 2009 Bloom Map by RoozenGaarde!
Tulips.com 2009 Bloom Map by RoozenGaarde!
Tulips.com 2009 Bloom Map by RoozenGaarde!
Tulips.com 2009 Bloom Map by RoozenGaarde!

Phoenix Nest Arcade open Daily

From noon to nine from Monday through Saturday and from noon to six on Sundays. Come  enjoy some classic arcade action. Most games a quarter a play but noth'n over 50 cents!

New Titles this Week!
2000AD- Aquila
Action Lab- Hero Cats
Antarctic Press- Victorian Secrets
Archie- Mega Man
Aspen- Executive Assistant Iris
Avatar- Crossed
Avatar- Dark Gods
Avatar- God is Dead
Boom- Eternal 
Boom- Hexed
Boom- Sons of Anarchy
BoomBox- Giant Days
BoomBox- Lumberjanes
Boundless- Ember
DC- American Vampire
DC- Aquaman
DC- Catwoman
DC- Convergence
DC- Convergence Batman Shadow of the Bat
DC- Convergence Green Lantern Parallax
DC- Convergence Justice League International
DC- Convergence Supergirl Matrix
DC- Convergence Superman Man of Steel
DC- Green Arrow
DC- Infinite Crisis Fight for the Multiverse
DC- Kitchen
DC- Names
DC- Sensation Comics Featuring: Wonder Woman
DC- Strange Sports Stories
DC- Suicide Squad
DC- Superboy
DC- Teen Titans
DE- Djano Zorro
DE- Legenderry Vampirella
DE- Shaft
DE- the Phantom
DE- Warlord of Mars
DH- Archie vs Predator
DH- BPRD: Hell on Earth
DH- Dark Horse Presents
DH- Ei8ht
DH- Groo
DH- Hellboy
DH- Shaper
DH- Strain: Night Eternal
I- 68 (Sixty Eight)
I- Chrononauts
I- Ghosted
I- Oddly Normal
I- Revival
I- Reyn
I- RunLoveKill
I- Secret Identities
I- Shutter
I- Spawn
I- Stray Bullets
I- Tithe
IDW- D4ve
IDW- GI Joe: Snake Eyes, Agent of Cobra
IDW- Judge Dredd Classics
IDW- Millennium
IDW- My Little Pony
IDW- October Faction
IDW- Star Trek
IDW- The X-files
IDW- Transformers: Combiner Wars
kaBoom- Peanuts
kaBoom- Regular Show
kaBoom- Steven Universe
KC- Heroic Legend of Arslan
M- Avengers
M- Avengers Millenium
M- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
M- Captain America and Mighty Avengers
M- Dethlok
M- Legendary Star Lord
M- Loki: Agent of Asgard
M- Magneto
M- Ms Marvel
M- Nova
M- Spider-Man and X-men
M- Superior Iron Man
M- Thor
M- Uncanny X-men
M- Wolverines
Oni- Letter 44
Seven Seas- Gakuen Polizi
Seven Seas- Magical Girl Apocalypse
Titan- Doctor Who
Valiant- Bloodshot
Valiant- Unity
Vertical- My Neighbor Seki
Viz- Meteor Prince
Zen- GFT The Jungle Book
Zen- GFT Wonderland 
Zen- Grimm Tales of Terror

New Goods This Week!

Action Lab- Zombie Tramp

Antarctic Press- Victorian Secret: Steam Queens
Archaia- Jim Henson's The StoryTeller: Witches 
Archaia- The Last Broadcast
Archie- Mega Man
Archie- Sonic the Hedgehog
Archie- Sonic Universe
Avatar- Crossed
Avatar- Dicks
Avatar- George RR Martin's In the House of the Worm
Black Mask- God Killer
Black Mask- Last Born
Bongo- Futurama
Bongo- Simpsons
Boom- Fiction Squad 
Boom- Hellraiser
Boom- Sleepy Hollow
Boom- Son's of Anarchy
BoomBox- Lumberjanes
DC- Batman '66
DC- Batman '66 meets Green Hornet
DC- Batman and Robin
DC- Batman Eternal
DC- Batman/Superman
DC- Batwoman
DC- Earth Two
DC- Fables
DC- Futures End
DC- Green Lantern New Guardians
DC- Harley Quinn
DC- Infinite Crisis Fight for the Multiverse
DC- Injustice
DC- Justice League
DC- Justice League 3000
DC- Lobo
DC- Multiversity
DC- Red Hood and the Outlaws
DC- Sensation Comics Featuring: Wonder Woman
DC- Supergirl
DC- Superman/ Wonder  Woman
DC- Teen Titans
DC- Trinity of Sin
DC- Wonder Woman
DE- Army of Darkness
DE- Bob's Burgers
DE- Dawn Vampirella 
DE- Magnus Robot Figther
DE- Solar: Man of the Atom
DE- Terminal Hero
DE- Vampirella Feary Tales
DH- Angel & Faith
DH- BPRD: Hell on Earth
DH- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
DH- Criminal Macabre: Third Child
DH- Dark Horse Presents
DH- Predator: Fire and Stone
DH- Strain: Night Eternal
DH- Terminator Salvation: Final Batle
I- American Legends
I- Dead @ 17
I- Deadly Class
I- Goners
I- Intersect
I- Invincible
I- Morning Glories 
I- Protectors Inc.
I- Revival
I- Sinergy
I- Thief of Thieves
I- Witchblade
IDW- Doberman
IDW- Dungeons & Dragons
IDW- Godzilla
IDW- Maxx Maximized
IDW- My Little Pony
IDW- Rot and Ruin
IDW- Star Slammers
IDW- Super Secret Crisis War Cow and Chicken
IDW- the Last Fall
IDW- Transformers Primacy
IDW- Winterworld
kaBoom- Bravest Warriors
KC- My Little Monster
KC- Noragami
M- Amazing Spider-Man
M- Avengers
M- Avengers and X-men: Axis
M- Avengers World
M- Axis Carnage
M- Axis Revolutions
M- Black Widow
M- Daredevil
M- Deadpool
M- Death of Wolverine: Weapon X Program
M- Elektra
M- Fantastic Four
M- Guardians of the Galaxy
M- Hulk
M- Inhuman
M- Loki: Agent of Asgard
M- Magnito
M- Moon Knight
M- New Avengers
M- Powers Bureau
M- Punisher
M- Spider Woman
M- Storm
M- Uncanny X-men
M- X-Force
Oni- Princess Ugg
Seven Seas- Devils and Realist
Seven Seas- Dragonar Academy
Titan- Doctor Who
Valiant- Punk Mambo
Valiant- X-O Manowar
Vertical- Ajin Demi-Human
Viz- Gangsta
Viz- Real
Viz- Resident Evil: the Marhwa Desire
Viz- Terra Formars
Yen Press- Ani-imo
Yen Press- Btooom!
Yen Press- Durarara
Yen Press- Gou-Dere Sora Nagihara
Yen Press- High School: DxD
Yen Press- Higurashi: when they cry
Yen Press- Jack Frost
Yen Press- Pandora Hearts
Yen Press- The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-Chan
Zen- GFT Dark Shaman

Zen- Grimm Fairy Tales 

The new books in this week!

I'll try to get a list of the new number 1s out this week highlighted and some cover pictures up tomorrow if I have time. Cheers!


Archaia- Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock: Jouney to the Everspring
Archie- Sonic the Hedgehog
Avatar- Crossed
Boom- Big Trouble in Little China
Boom- Clockwork Angels
Boom- Deep State
Boom- Evil Empire
Boom- Hexed
Boom- Thomas Alsop
Boom- Wild's End
BoomBox- Teen Dog
DC- Arrow
DC- Batgirl
DC- Batman
DC- Batman Eternal
DC- Coffin Hill
DC- Constantine
DC- Djano Zorro
DC- Earth Two
DC- FBP (Federal Bureau of Physics)
DC- Futures End
DC- Green Lantern Corps
DC- Justice League United
DC- Kitchen
DC- Klarion
DC- Scooby Doo
DC- Smallville Season 11
DC- Suicide Squad
DC- Worlds Finest
DE- Alice Cooper
DE- Army of Darkness
DE- Ex-Con
DE- Lone Ranger Vindicated
DE- Red Sonja
DH- Dragon Ages
DH- Grendel vs Shadow
DH- Grindhouse
DH- Promethius: Fire and Stone
DH- Resurrectionists
I- Alex + Ada
I- American Legends
I- Copperhead
I- Death Vigil
I- Dream Police
I- Drifter
I- Fade Out
I- Ghosted
I- Howtoons Reignition
I- Outcast
I- Walking Dead
I- Wildfire
IDW- Angry Birds
IDW- Bigger Bang
IDW- Black Dynomite 
IDW- Borderlands
IDW- Dead Squad
IDW- GI JoE: Real American Hero
IDW- Hero
IDW- Indestructible
IDW- My Little Pony
IDW- October Faction
IDW- Rogue Trooper
IDW- Star Trek
IDW- Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever
IDW- Super Secret Crisis War Cow and Chicken
IDW- The X-files
IDW- TMNT Animated Adventures
IDW- Transformers (formerly Robots in Disquise) 
IDW- V-Wars
kaBoom- Bravest Warriors
kaBoom- Uncle Grandpa
KC- Cage of Eden
KC- UQ Holder
Legendary Comics- A Town Called Dragon
M- All New Captain America
M- All New Ultimates
M- Avengers and X-men: Axis
M- Axis Hobgoblin
M- Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier
M- Captain America and Mighty Avengers
M- Death of Wolverine: Logan Legacy
M- George Romero's Empire of the Dead Act Two
M- Guardians 3000
M- Hawkeye vs Deadpool
M- Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble
M- Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man
M- Ms Marvel
M- Nightcrawler
M- Nova
M- Savage Hulk
M- She Hulk
M- Silver Surfer
M- Spider-Verse
M- Superior Iron Man
M- Thor
Magazine- Doctor Who Magazine
Magazine- Draw
Seven Seas- No Game No Life
UPP- Spongebob
Valiant - Eternal Warrior
Valiant- Harbringer
Valiant- the Delinquents
Valiant- Unity
Viz- 07 Ghost
Viz- Rin-Ne
Zen- GFT Dark Queen
Zen- GFT Helsing

some Flashpoint x new 52 DC related news

Comic collectors, especially those of you with DC holds, please read this, it is relevant to you. I will definitely be needing numbers from you guys on what you will be wanting in your hold boxes and what you want to see on the shelf! Cheers!

Follow the link for some details. Let me know what you want ASAP!


Personally, I'll be looking forward to one of my favorite characters from the pre new 52 the Question written by Greg Rucka. I'm excited for this one.

Happy Halloween!

I wasn't on the ball enough this year to do a proper Zombie Awareness month. I need you all to remind me to do that next year. But there are some new and exciting things floating around the shop besides spectres and ghouls. Going forward I will be attempting to get our weekly stock list posted here along with some kind of commentary.I'm not sure exactly what kind it will be yet besides my usual blather. Iv'e discovered that the blog section of the page is currently inaccessable to me, so my random thoughts on business and product reviews will be mixxed in here with the rest of announcements. I'm actually considering just leaving it that way.

While it does make my individual posts possibly very long it does have the boon of making things a little easier to find by just scrolling down. We'll see how it works out. Path of least resistance and all that.

Here is a picture of a rediculously cute child that somehow was spawned from th fella next to him. Stephen, you did good. I always apprciate the festivities.

I've a number of auctions completed and some items shipped. Hopefully everything runs smoothly there. I'm still baffled by some of ebays formating but I'm learning. Here are some of the specials I'm running and have listed. Most of these should by now have local pick up available.

Playset of Thalia

Batman Bust by Gary Frank

Playset of Deathrite Shaman

Playset of Garruk the Relentless

JLA and JSA crossover series The Lightning Saga full set

Star Trek TNG Geordi LaForge Action Figure from Art Asylum

Playset of Havengul Lich

There are more items so please see my other auctions.

Cheers! Stock list from this week to follow!





This weeks Stock List!
Abstract Studio- Terry Moore's: Rachael Rising
Amigo- Rogues!
Amigo- Roman Ritual
Antarctic Press- Gearhearts Steam Punk Glamor Revue
Antarctic Press- Steampunk Holloween
Archie- Mega Man
Archie- Sonic BOOM
Archie- Sonic Universe
Aspen- Soulfire
Avatar- Crossed
Avatar- Dark Gods
Avatar- God is Dead
Avatar- Uber
Avatar- War Stories
Black Mask- Critical Hit
Black Mask- God Killer
Black Mask- Last Born
Cartoon Books- Tuki
CT- Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew
DC- Batgirl
DC- Batman Eternal
DC- Earth Two
DC- Futures End
DC- Harley Quinn
DC- Justice League : Dark
DC- Justice League United
DC- Sensation Comics Featuring: Wonder Woman
DC- Sinestro
DC- Swamp Thing 
DC- Vertigo Quarterly
DC- Wonder Woman
DE- Bob's Burgers
DE- Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers
DE- Doodle Jump
DE- Pathfinder
DE- Purgatori
DE- Shadow: Midnight in Moscow
DH- Aliens: Fire and Stone
DH- Baltimore: Wolf and the Apostle
DH- Captain Midnight
DH- Conan the Avenger
DH- Deep Gravity
DH- Goon
DH- Groo vs Conan
DH- Massive
DH- Mind Mgmt
DH- Sundowners
I- Black Science
I- Cutter
I- Low
I- Roche Limit
I- Saga
I- Savage Dragon
I- Sex
I- Southern Bastards
I- Thought Bubble Anthology
I- Umbral
I- Wayward
IDW- Cartoon Network Super Secret Crisis
IDW- Little Nemo
IDW- Star Trek
IDW- Transformers More than Meets the Eye
KC- Attack on Titan: No Regrets
KC- Fairy Tail
M- All New X-men
M- Axis Carnage
M- Axis Revolutions
M- Death of Wolverine
M- Death of Wolverine: Logan Legacy
M- Dethlok
M- Elektra
M- Fantastic Four
M- Guardians of the Galaxy
M- Inhuman
M- Marvel Universe Ultimate Spiderman
M- Nova
M- Thanos A God up There is Listening
M- Thunderbolts
M- Wolverine and the X-men
Red 5- Atomic Robo
Seven Seas- Alice in the Country of Joker Circus and Liars
Titan- Doctor Who
Titan- Sally of the Wasteland
Valiant- Archer & Armstrong 
Valiant- Harbringer
Viz- Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan
Yen Press- Barakamon
Yen Press- Black Butler 
Yen Press- Bloody Brat
Yen Press- InuBoku: Secret Service
Yen Press- Judge
Yen Press- Kingdom Hearts
Yen Press- No Matter How I Look at it….
Yen Press- Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Yen Press- Soul Eater
Yen Press- The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-Chan
Yen Press- Ubel Blatt

Protect Yourself from Douchebaggery

Dear friends,

Recently I have been contacted by several people who have reported stolen MTG (Magic the Gathering) collections. One of these extensive collections was from an outright automobile theft, they stole his entire car. The most recent has been simply a snatch when they weren’t aware.

I am hearing about these things all too often. I hope that people who are missing things speak up to their local game store and report those thefts to all the stores in the vicinity as well.  Report the major cards in the collection, they types of protectors they were in, the storage boxes and distinctive markings, deck boxes, as much information as you can recall, even the 9 pocket page brand can help. Recently I’ve stopped buying a lot of things. Mostly it budgetary issues, once you open those floodgates the amount of stuff people want to sell is staggering. The other reason is to mitigate some of the temptation for people to want to steal gaming related paraphernalia in this area.

To other shop owners, I urge you, to not give cash (which I know some of you cannot help but do if you wish to remain competitive), but if you do take steps to make those transactions traceable. I know it sucks, it can be sometimes a great deal to be able to buy cards cheap from desperate seller, you and I both know you have to deal with these situations as well. It puts you in a bad place to say no too often, but you can be blunt and make requirements.

Ask where the seller got the cards.

Listen to their story.

Ask LOTS of questions. It gets easy to spot the bullshit.

Did they say the cards were old but they are all new? Did they get them from their “uncle”? Are they familiar with the decks they are selling?

Don’t be afraid to ask what they need the money for. It doesn’t matter that it’s personal.

Require some form of ID before you give cash (this is the most important). Once you start doing this you will notice a steep drop in people asking you for cash.

Take note of what they are contained in, deck boxes, sleeves, etc.

Did they bring them all in zip lock bags?

Take a look at their car, make and model. Especially if they take off after you tell them you require ID.

These things can all help to either recover stolen property or outright make it to much of a hassle for them to want to try and sell to you. Further its good information to give to the Police.

If you don’t like the cut of the jib of whom ever is selling, DON’T BUY FROM THEM, there is no reason to reward them or be a party to their potential crime.  

To other customers I encourage you, please do not leave yourself vulnerable. It doesn’t matter if your car is parked in your own drive way or at the mall. It will eventually be tampered with by some bell-end who wants to make a couple bucks off of carelessness. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve had several cars broken into, lots of damage done and had possession both mine and others stolen. I even lost my car entirely to a chopper who was looking for spare parts for a Honda. It’s not fair, it’s not right or okay, you shouldn’t HAVE to even lock your doors, it shouldn't need to be a social requirement, but it is. The police will ask if you had anything valuable in your car, you will say yes, then they’ll give the customary shrug and practiced empathetic smile that’s worn out form over use to inform you that the crime is 50% your own fault and that’s some nonsense no one should have to go through.

Do NOT leave your MTG collection in your car. Do NOT leave your tabletop model case in your car. Always secure your belongings where they cannot be seen if you have no other choice. No, it isn’t your fault, not one bit. But that doesn’t mean you should let yourself appear to be an easy mark. Its the holidays my friends, which means people are looking at you and your belongings, and not with holiday cheer in mind.

From the Bin


I had the notion today to try and throw some back issue comics up on ebay. I've had some further thoughts on how to ebay and try to convince myself that it’s not a colossal waste of my time and resources. 

Some of these thoughts had be percolating in my noggin for a few days but I couldn't quite contextualize them. Then after listening to one of my customers ramble at me drunkenly through a chat window and give me his advice second hand from a relative who made good money online, laced with ever so stoned logic it rather funnily came to me how I needed to view ebay selling.

In his story he had been advised to "never sit on stock, always be willing to undercut to win good reviews, and be willing to take losses sometimes, breaking even is a win". All of these things make me cringe except taking the occasional loss in order to get a little ahead later.

I hate the idea of undercutting, it creates a very toxic environment and an unfair sense of entitlement. Price wars are bad, they just are, for everyone. I don't care how poor you are, they are just bad, give it some critical thought and it doesn't take long to see why. Competition is good, which you are all smart enough to figure out the difference.

Breaking even is a win, if you have no overhead, this is internet business logic at its finest I feel. I would love to say this to a banker while trying to get a loan, I can imagine the derisive bark of laughter I would hear.

This is how I feel about it, if I take a slight loss and gain a reoccurring customer, eventually I come out ahead. If I price match for my buy out and set my opening bid lower to get attention, that’s just competition and leaves that open to the consumer completely and does away with any of my guilt. I'm not throwing down a gauntlet to win sales.

The most powerful thought though is to "not sit on stock". In my view my rather large inventory or back stock still holds the value I paid for it originally and I am not wrong. BUT I've already paid for it and recouped somehow the cost already plus just enough to cover my additional overhead, and it (all this stock)  is still sitting here unsold yet all the losses from it are essentially recouped.

So, knowing this, I can worry less about "getting my money back" and I should in theory, not concern myself too much over minimum bidding. This is already I can see going to be a hump that I will have to push a boulder over, because I KNOW what it SHOULD be worth.

The question boils down then, and again, to bloody shipping costs. What is the psychology of the bidder? Is shipping a deal breaker or is it an opportunity for me to be rid of something for a few pennies and potentially make several more pennies for the effort of taking it to the post office? This will be a learning experience.

Here are some things to mull over: 

Ebay listing

Ebay listing



Events running this week!

This week is full of awesome for the Store.

Friday- Pokemon League from 3pm to 6pm
Friday- FNM Khan's of Tarkir Booster Draft $15 buy in. Try to be registered by 6pm please.
Friday- FNM Standard format tournament 6pm, round one starts at 6:30pm optional $5 buy in. There will be a special prize for First place.
Saturday- Holloween Comic Fest! I will have a small number or sample comics out for the kids AND I have a ridiculous amount of Green Lantern Corps rings to give away. So please stop in, I split ours with the local Mount Vernon Library, so if you have plans to bring the kids in for their weekend programs please grab them up. Supplies are VERY limited, so don't be greedy
Sunday- Warmachine Hordes spell draft tournament it will be at noonish and will be 35 points.

Cheers and good gaming!

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